The Music of Ross 128b

There are a species of aliens who live on the exoplanet "Ross 128b". The leader of their planet decided that they are in need of some new company. Leader wants to live with Earth, but knowing how scared Earth is of extraterrestrial life, they know they have to find another way. Leader decides to take a little girl from Earth and get them to spread the word of their kind and try to make them more comfortable with the idea. Before sending her back to Earth, they erase memory of her previous life & merge her with one of their beings so they can keep track of her. Her name is now Tina.

cogito ergo sum

Tina wakes up on the ocean water floating. At first she is very frightened. She has no idea how she got there and all the memory she has is just of her mission. But soon enough, she gets comfortable floating in the water and it begins to just come naturally. Soon enough she floats up to the shore of a beach. A very populated one. She decides to just focus on her mission and starts by moving into a cheap apartment.


Tina meets her two roommates, Frostix & Darrel. When Tina meets up with them, they are in the middle of a (pretty pointless) arguement. Tina spends most of her time trying to resolve it as the Lumor get quite disappointed with how easily distracted Tina is. The Lumor bring her back up and tell her to get back on track.


Tina then tries to focus on the mission, but she gets distracted once more because she learns that she inherited an ability from the Lumor. And that is the ability to bring flowers &/or plants to life. She is so enamored by the flower that she gave life that she gives it the name "Chrys" and takes care of it like a child. Tina tries to send it to school, but this doesn't go well because he gets bullied for being different. So she gets him out of school and just lets him live a life of his own.



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