Albums (in chronological order)

cogito ergo sum (nov 3rd, 2018)

cogito ergo sum album cover

this was made a long time ago when i was still learning how certain things worked in my daw.

i have a soft spot for this one and it doesn't sound too bad now that i'm older lol

BIG BOOM (may 30th, 2019)

BIG BOOM album cover

tbh i forgot about this but some of the songs on here actually slap lmao.

BRAIN SPLATTER (august 6, 2019)

BRAIN SPLATTER album cover

this is when i decided to get more into the story i had made the foundations for in 'cogito ergo sum'.

imo, some of the songs are eh, but there are some stand out songs like "Flowers Aren't Fuzzy" & "19CMN // Megannum".





blissigneous. (december 31st 2019/january 1st 2020)

blisssigneous. album cover

bro i'mma be honest, i'm not really proud of this release. the influences are just too strong.

some songs are cool (WHIP, BLAM // Leaving The Window, and the secret track FROSTIX IS ALIVE // Tina's Theme)

But for the most part, it's alright i guess

It is cool that this album was kinda the one that is the popular amongst most of my stuff though. don't know why.





BUDDING. (march 21st, 2020)

BUDDING. album cover

this album i think has some of my favorite works. (Flower Resin, Lantana, Going Home, The Sunset, Chrys' Theme)

i think this album was the first time i ever did vocals for a song, which was on "riding away"

they aren't the best but i liked how it turned out

this song was originally supposed to come out on march 19th (the beginning of spring) but due to the distributor being dumb as rocks it had to be delayed





Inside (april 15th, 2020)

Inside album cover

this was a little pet project where i basically tried to make a song everyday and see how it turned out

on april 5th i made a song and then forgot and then made another song. which is why there is both "April 5th" and "5AMICRAZY

i also slept in most of april 6th so i forgot to make a song that day

this little collection of songs is very personal to me and the songs are most I've directly talked about myself and what I was going through at the time.



The Music Of Ross 128b (may 27th, 2020)

around december, i wrote down the albums i wanted to come out this year. budding (which was supposed to come out right when spring hit)

and visitor (which was originally supposed to come out when summer began). this album wasn't planned at all. it was just made because

i felt like some story moments in visitor wouldn't make sense without some songs before visitor to contextualise it.

and also dropping arg kind of like lore things is really fun so yea. i think among my friends, this one is the favorite so thats cool!





VISITOR DOUBLE LP (dec 31st, 2021)

VISITOR album cover

I think this album (although a bit shoddy), is, up to this point, the most diverse in sound.

The first disc of the LP (XLUMOR) was made mostly during June-July but some of the songs date back all the way to the beginning of 2020

Most of the songs on there were mostly a test of how experimental hiphop-ish i could get while still not leaving what people percieve to be the "frostix style"

The concept of an album more focused on Tina's vocals existed since the release of blissigneous

Although the original plan was for it to sound more similar to Blank Banshee and other sort of vapor trap stuff

For the second disc (MISSING), I wanted to just put whatever I make on it and not cut alot out

(Which is prolly why the second half is an hour longer the the first lol)

Almost all of the songs were made from August - Early October (with some minor changes during october)

VISITOR is like a summer album to me and some of the songs off of this portion really drive that in.

This is also the most I've done for an album vocally so that's pretty cool

Now did I do a good job on em? Eh.

But whatever I gotta start from somewhere



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